It’s the Thanxgiving Special w/

Mr.G. and Mr.Jones**

**even though he's at Avon Middle School right now... he is here in spirit...

brought to you by Vinny Laughlin

Part I: Guess the density (g/mL) of the Thanxgiving Chicken!!


Part II. To completely enjoy your thanxgiving experience - answer the following questions while listening to Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant..

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get the lyrics

  1. Where did Alice Live?
  2. Why did she have so much garbage?
  3. Why was Arlo arrested?
  4. Why did Obe (the cop) want Arlo’s belt?
  5. What are all the pictures of?
  6. How many were there?
  7. Why was Arlo at the building getting inspected, injected, etc…?
  8. What was it good for Arlo to yell "Kill!!"
  9. Why was Arlo sent to the "Group W Bench"?
  10. Why was Arlo unhappy with being asked if he "Rehabilitated himself"?
  11. What are you supposed to do if you find yourself in a situation similar to Arlo’s?