things to study for Thursday

In Book:  5.1-5.2 & 6.1-6.2

Key concepts: atoms, atoms, atoms, atomic models, atomic history, atomic parts, the periodic table, isotopes, etc...

Expect: some Q's like/about these...

  1. Make the distinctions between the following words by using them in sentences or by making drawings (Show they are similar and different): Atom, Compound, Element
  2. What are the parts of the atom (as we know it today)?
  3. What are the relative masses and charges of the parts of the atom?
  4. What is an amu?
  5. Why is the atomic mass on the periodic table a decimal?
  6. What would happen to Hg if we could remove 1 proton? Why?
  7. What would happen to Hg if we could remove 1 neutron? Why?
  8. Why are elements put into families in the periodic table?
  9. Compare and contrast the noble gas family with the alkali metal family.
  10. Know what the "scrabble tile" of any element tells you and how to draw a Bohr model based on it. Do this for: Carbon, Nitrogen, Cesium.
  11. Know the History of the Atom – Who? What? Where? Why? When? How?
  12. What did JJ Thompson think the atom was made of?
  13. What is Ernest Rutherford’s experiment and what conclusions did he make from his experiment?
  14. What is an isotope?
  15. What is the difference between 92U235 and 92U238? What do they have in common?
  16. How many p+, n, and e- are in each of the above?
  17. What "semi-all-star" group recorded the song "Radioactive"?