Physical or Chemical changes

FIRST: Read in the book, pages 64-75, and write a summary paragraph that points out the reading's main ideas and supporting facts

SECOND: On a separate sheet of paper, rewrite the following things. With each, tell whether it is a physical change or a chemical change and briefly tell why.

1.) Making iced tea out of a powder mix

2) Baking a cake

3) Burning Paper

4) Digesting food

5) Soaking paper in water

6) Boiling Water

7) Melting wax

8) Burning a candle

9) Making water turn blue by stirring in food coloring

10) Testing acidity with a drop of tester that changes color

11) Dropping Alka Seltzer into water

12) Fish gills getting oxygen out of the water

13) Morning fog evaporating in the hot sun

14) Water condensing on cold glass

15) Chemicals in an ice pack are crushed and it gets cold

16)Dissolving KCl in a test tube of water


THIRD: List things that you may observe during physical and chemical changes

Physical Chemical