FIZZZzzzzzzzzzz......... (a lab)

Alka SeltzerÔ is a medicine that people take for upset stomach.

1) List as many properties as you can that describe the tablet.



2) Next, find the mass of the tablet and record here______

3) Write down the masses that everyone got _____ _____ _____ _____

4) Calculate the mean (or average) mass of the tablets________

5) Get » 200 mL of water out of the tap. Drop the tablet into the water and observe closely what happens. What did you see happen?


6) Rinse the beaker out and refill with » 200 mL of water.

7) Find the mass of the beaker and the water_________

8) Add the mean mass of a tablet…………. _________

Total: ________


9) When the reaction was done, did you get the same mass as the total you just calculated?

10) If you answered no, then what was the difference between the total and what you measured?

11)Why did you get these results?





Hector's mom gave him Alka Seltzer when he had a stomachache. Even though the stuff tasted yucky, it worked. He noticed that it dissolved with a lot of fizzing in the water, and he came up with an idea. He wanted to know if the temperature of the water affected the rate at which the tablet dissolved.


Problem Statement:






Independent Variable:


Dependent Variable: