go wit da flow yo


Check out these demos that have to do with fluids, their behaviors and the way the effect other things near them.


Define these key terms to help your understanding of the following demos:


For each of the following – you should:

  1. draw a quick sketch
  2. describe what I did
  3. describe what happened
  4. be able to explain the reasons why each demo did what it did



  1. The Crazy Burping Bottle Thing
  2. The Wacko Non-Burping Bottle Thing
  3. The Nutty unAspirator Thing
  4. The Silly Newspaper Thing
  5. The Insane Hand-Boiler Thing
  6. The Unreal Upside-down Thermometer Thing
  7. The Ridiculous Barometer Thing
  8. The Mad Fire Syringe Thing
  9. The Batty Syringe Wars
  10. The Cracked Three-Holed H2O Pressure Shower Thing
  11. The LooLoo Magdeburg Hemispheres Thing
  12. The Outrageous Siphon Thing
  13. The Ludicrous Bjerknes’ Tube Thing
  14. The Deranged Mass of Air in A Can Thing
  15. The OOC Film Canister Thing
  16. The Hippy Sippy Dippy Boid Thing
  17. The Exotic Mass of Air in a Can Thing

Flow Demo Outtake...