Some Periodic Practice…

Part I. Based on the diagram below, answer the following questions.

  1. What is Pr?

  2. What is 59?

  3. What does (2) represent?

  4. What are the numbers running top to bottom?

  5. What does (4) represent?

  6. What is (140.908)?

  7. What unit defines this number?

  8. What is the number outside and to the left of the tile?

  9. What does (8) represent?


Part II. Using the periodic table, answer the following questions. (you may write the symbol)

  1. What element has an atomic number of 66?

  2. What Alkaline Earth metal has four energy levels and has two electrons in the fourth energy level?

  3. If someone tells you that two elements are in the same group (family) what can you infer?

  4. On the back of this paper, draw the Bohr Model for Carbon and the Noble Gas in the third period.

  5. List all of the Halogens.

  6. List the number of p+, n, and e- for each isotope:

                            6C14                                                                                     92U239

  1. Write the isotopic symbol for the following mystery isotope:

            Isotope "X" has 98e- and 102n