Spreadsheeting in the name of Science!!!


Objective: To use the Excel Spreadsheet program to create a data table and graph from data obtained from laboratory work.

What is a "spreadsheet"?


Here are "guideline" steps you can follow. Check them off as you go:

_____Use the Start menu to open Microsoft Excel

_____Create a data table that is set up just like the one you used in the absolute zero lab.

_____Fill the data table with your results from the lab.

_____To "neaten up" your data table, highlight all the cells that you used, click on format cells,

choose borders, click on outside and inside (Notice what this does to your data table)

_____To make your graph: Once again, highlight the data table you made. Click Insert,

choose Chart and the "Chart Wizard" window will open.

_____In "Chart Type" choose XY(scatter) click ok

_____In "Chart Source Data" choose columns (While here click on rows to see what it does to the

graph you are making. click next

_____In "Chart Options" fill in these boxes with appropriate words:

_____In "Chart Location" choose as object in sheet 1 click finish

_____On the graph that is made, right click on any data point and choose Add trendline

Choose linear for the type click ok

To extend the trendline….

Double click on the Y-axis

Click the Scale tab

Change the minimum to –300 click ok

Double click on the trendline

Click the options tab

At forecast, change the backward to 1 click ok


To Print

_____Select the graph and print it using the computer room printer. This will only work if you are logged on correctly


_____Try right clicking on various things that make up the graph to see what options you have for

formatting. Explore….(if you don't like what you see, click the undo button.

Terms you should know are in bold: right click, undo button, plot area, cells, spreadsheet