How To Question

Reading science related writing requires you to think about your reading on several levels. To practice thinking on these levels you are to do the following for each article that you read.


  1. Read through the article once, just like you were reading for pleasure. Don't get too caught up in the details.
  2. You will then be creating a series of questions from the reading. You will make three (3) questions in each of these categories:
      1. 3 Literal questions
      2. 3 Inferential/Interpretive questions
      3. 3 Applied questions
  1. SO, what are these question categories?????
Example from article: "What does USB stand for?"
Example from article: "How are USB and the Bernoulli Effect related?"
These are questions that make the person think beyond the article. They ask you to think in a way deeper than what was presented.
Example from article: "Is it worth the time and money to make airplanes like these?"