Cellar/Kitchen Physics

Ah, yes! Another installment of the famous, home-cooked labs, known as Cellar Physics. DO ANY TWO, and completely answer corresponding questions on a separate sheet of paper. (A graded homework assignment.)

Experiment one: The oven surprise!

Experiment two: The Old Glass Trick

Experiment three: Ye olde gramophone

Experiment four: Sound effects

QUESTIONS: Use your book as a helpful reference. Answer in complete sentences.

Experiment One:

  1. In this experiment what is the medium through which the sound is traveling?
  2. What evidence, or observations did you make that support the idea that this medium is good at transmitting sound?
  3. What happens to the sound wave if you grab a string between the rack and your ear? Where do the sound waves go? Do any waves get through? What would you do to answer this question in a controlled fashion?
  4. If you change from one medium to another, which of the following properties of the wave change? Wavelength, amplitude, speed, frequency.

Experiment Two:

  1. Observe the water as you make a sound. Describe what happens. Why?
  2. What is the relationship between the water level and the pitch?
  3. When the pitch of a sound wave goes up, what properties of the wave are changing: Frequency, speed, wavelength, amplitude?
  4. If you wanted to get a second wine glass to resonate when the first one is making noise, what would you do to the second glass?

Experiment Three:

  1. Look closely, (or with a magnifying glass) at the record. Describe what you see. How does what you see produce sound?
  2. Why does the cone amplify the sound. What is it doing to the waves to help you hear them?
  3. If sound is being amplified, then what property of the sound waves is being increased?
  4. Does the record produce sound when spun backwards? Why? Describe your observations.

Experiment Four

  1. Why does the microphone’s contact with the object dramatically change the sound you hear?
  2. If the microphone contacts an object, then what is the medium for the sound?
  3. Through which medium does sound travel best? (Air, Water, Metal) Why?
  4. Through which medium does sound travel worst? (Air, water, metal) Why?