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Six Flags Amusement Parks Over New England has purchased Riverside Amusement Park located in Agawam, MA. It is an exciting time for New Englanders as it will be a major theme park near home (finally something cool to do...).  I'm sure there are many anxiously anticipating the grand opening. Six Flags has promised to premiere the newest, fastest, and most exciting roller coaster ever built. Your team (among others) has been asked to design a roller coaster for this theme park.  The catch - only one will be built!!!  Will it be yours?????  



Your team is responsible for designing (and building) and selling (marketing) the roller coaster. It is important to remember that this roller coaster is to be the fastest and most exciting roller coaster ever built. Each member will need to choose one of the jobs listed below.  Note: No one job is more important than another.  Try to agree on a job that you are best suited for.  

Historian: Will research the history of roller coasters and amusement parks and compile pictures and information describing some of the most popular roller coasters ever built.  Click the link to see some of the specifics...

Designer/Safety Coordinator: Will investigate the components and style of the roller coaster and will research safety, insurance, and liability issues involved in the building of roller coasters.  Click the link to see some of the specifics...

Engineer: Will use mathematical formulas to gain data about their group's roller coaster and physics terminology to describe their car's behaviors.  Click the link to see some of the specifics... 


Process and Guidance

Your team will consist of three (3) members. Nine class periods will be allotted for you and your team to complete this project. If additional time is needed, you and your team is expected to do the work outside of class.

Day One / Day Two:

Day Three:


Day Four / Day Five:

Day Six  / Day Seven:

Day Eight  / Day Nine:


This unit is an exciting way to bring science into the "real world" through technology. Students are required to use the internet to further expand their knowledge of math and science.  Software is used to aide in presentation.  Opportunity for creative expression is included.  Finally, it is a necessity for individuals to function as a team to complete a large group of tasks.  This project takes great strides in extinguishing the "...whadda we ever gonna need to know this for..." fire.