University maintained

Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA: Professor Kathleen Schrock's Homepage
Schrock teaches educational technology classes to teachers.  Many of the various WebQuests her students have created over the years are housed at her site.
Number of WebQuests = 70 (as of 7/99)

Indiana University, Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN: Jackie Carrigan's WebQuest Page
Carrigan teachers technology classes to graduate students at several of IU's campuses.   Many of the WebQuests his participants have created are available at this site.
Number of WebQuests = 82 (as of 7/99)

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN: Lee Ehman's WebQuest Page
Ehman teachers a class for pre-service teachers in which they create and publish their WebQuests which are available on Ehman's site.
Number of WebQuests = 17 (as of 7/99)

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA: Professor Harriet Taylor's LSU WebQuests Page
Professor Taylor teaches a telecommunications class for the College of Education and for the past few semesters has required groups of students to develop WebQuests.  Their efforst are posted here.
Number of WebQuests = 20 (as of 7/99)

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM: Carmen Gonzales' NMSU Student WebQuests
Exemplary WebQuests designed by students in the Learning Technologies Program.  Most were created by classroom teachers and have been tested by their students. Some of the WebQuests are available in Spanish.
Number of WebQuests = 35 (as of 7/99)

San Franciso State University, San Francisco, CA: Kathleen Ferenz's WebQuest Page
WebQuests created by students in her graduate classes from the past few semesters.   The projects listed on her class pages do not appear to be strictly WebQuests.   There are several that are teacher created webpages.
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 80 (as of 7/99)

Univeristy of Maine, Orono, ME: Jim Chiavacci's WebQuest Page
Student Projects from Chiavacci's EDT 525 Telecommunications class at University of Maine College of Education and Human Development.
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 21 (as of 7/99)

Richmond University, Richmond, VA: Dr. Patricia Stohr-Hunt's Learning With WebQuests Page
WebQuests prepared by pre-service teachers.  Several WebQuests have been labeled as award winning.
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 29 (as of 7/99)

K-12 maintained

Manteno Community School District, Manteno, IL: WebQuest Page
WebQuests developed by both district teachers and graduate students.  Quests are labeled long or short term.  The district has added another page of WebQuests (some overlap exists) where they continue to add additional WebQuests. They also have a page of UNwebquests (under development).
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 40+ (as of 7/99)

Memphis City Schools, Memphis, TN: WebQuest Page
WebQuests written by teachers that work for the Memphis City School District.
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 22 (as of 7/99)

Salt Lake City School District, Salt Lake City, UT: WebWeaver Page
WebQuests written by teachers in the district. 
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 13 (as of 7/99)

San Bernadino County Schools, San Bernadino, CA: WebQuest Curriculum Resources
WebQuest developed by teachers and EMT (Educational and Media Technology) staff work for the San Bernadino Country School District.
Number of WebQuests/Projects = 15 (as of 7/99)

San Diego City Schools, San Diego, CA: Projects Database
For the past few years this school district has been using grant monies to create WebQuests projects to support their curriculum.  Projects are searchable by grade level, curricular area, and keywords.  Difficult to determine how many different projects are available at this site and whether or not all of them are WebQuests.   Bernie Dodge (WebQuest creator) has worked with this school district to create these projects by partnering San Diego City Schools and San Diego State University.   Another useful feature of this site is that projects are given various statuses to mark how complete they are.  The different labels are not defined, but include Alpha, Beta, and Released.
Estimated Number of WebQuests/Projects = 175 (as of 7/99)

Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista, CA: Act Now Curriculum Library
Site houses several WebQuests created by ActNow (federal grant) participants.   Page also has links to other sites which house WebQuests at other universities or K-12 schools.
Estimated Number of WebQuests/Projects = 9 (as of 7/99)


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