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Grade 8 Science Curriculum

Amity Acceptable Use Policy



Textbook Online:

Class Notes:

How To Read Science News

Measurement, Precision, Accuracy and Error

Motion, Newton and Energy

Work and Simple Machines How to read the PToE AB&pH


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Assignments & Handouts:

Scientific Methodology Properties of Matter Atomic Chemistry Chemical Reactions
Candle Observation



Using The Metric System

Your Life Metrically

Unit Conversions (adv)

Convert This

Practice Answers

Measurement Circus

Measurement Circus Questions

Measurement Test Clues


Variable pic!

Variables (core)


Toboggan Lab

Lab Check List & Rubric

Lab Conclusion Assessment List

Lab Clue

Good Lab Report


Kitchen Density Tricks

Go Wit Da Flow Yo

Go Wit Da Flow Demos

Boyle w/ CBL

Ideal Gas & Abs Zero

Ideal Gas Law Report...

Mass 'O' Gas

I've Got Gas


Fizzz Questions

Monster Flesh®

Kitchen Solubility n Temperature

Solubility Q's

Solubility of Ammonia Lab

Solubility of Ammonia vid

Ammonia Questions

Solubility of Ammonia Explained

demoTyndall Effect

demo solubility of solids in liquids

demo solubility of gases in liquids 1

demo solubility of gases in liquids 2

KCl Assessment

Solubility of KCl

KCl Results

Destructive Distillation of Wood


The Orville Lab

Kitchen Messes II

Matter Quiz Review

Physical vs Chemical

Elements List

Adopt an Element

Periodic Practice

I Hate Isotopes

Isotopes of Pennies

Putting It All Together

Nuclear Basics

Nukes or No Nutes!!!


In-text Citation

Nukes Calendar

Nukes Parent Petter

Atomic Quiz Review

vid: ionic bonds 1

vid: ionic bonds 2

Numbers of Atoms

Charge ID.doc

Balance Eq1

Balance Eq1 Answers

Balance Eq2

Balance Eq2 Answers

Balance Eq3

Balance Eq3 Answers

BalEq No Products1

BalEq No Products2

BalEq No Prod2 Answers

BalEq No Products3

BalEq No Prod3 Answers

The Dancers!!!

Synthesis & Single Replacement

Double Replacement

Decomposition of Water


Acid/Base/pH Quiz Clues

Work/Energy Simple Machines Electricity Waves
Pendulum Data

Heat Lost = Heat Gained

Wanted- A Way To Determine Specific Heat

Enough Already… What Is Specific Heat

Specific Heat Guide

The Heat Is On

Heat Quiz Review

Levers/Work Worksheet

Levers/Work Answers

Simple Circus!!

Simple Circus Q's

Work, Simple Machines & MA Review Stuff



Static Quiz Info and Help

Van DeGraaff = Bad Hair

static discharge

electron repulsion

magic wand/ball


hair discharge

magic wand/ball explained

electroscope explained

It's Electric...

Electric Circus

Noise @ Home

Sound Circus

"Explaining the Sound Show"

Sound n Wave Quiz Clues!

Light Circus Q's (core)

Light Circus Q's

Enlightenment (light quiz)

Newton/Motion OTHER Youtube Vids AOWs
Newton Math

Newton Math answers

Newton Circus Lab

Newton Circus Video

Sail Cart 1

Sail Cart 2


Merry Go

Centrifugal Force

Centripetal Force


May the FORCE

Free Fall

Free Fall a la Mythbusters

Pull, Pull, Pull

Newton Circus Q's

Cellar Physics

Pendulum Lab

Pendulum Post Lab

Crazy For Coasters!

Coaster Rubric!

RC Time Line

Middle Age Alchemy

DL Cool Conversion Tool

How To Question

(in the name of Science)

Alice's Restaurant & Chicken Density!!! 

Eat Leftovers!

Combine PowerPoint Presentations

Lake Compounce Letter

In Class: Sagan on "where do the elements come from??"part I part II part III part IV

if you are interested...
If atoms are, "composed chiefly of nothin'" how come we can't put our hands thru walls?? watch part I at 7:26 thru part II at 0:58

Bill Nye: Size of Atoms (start at 2:15)

TMBG: Elemets Song

Thomson's Cathode Ray Tube

Rutherford's Gold Foil

Dr.Quantum's Double Slit Experiment

Bill Nye on Molecular Spacing

rock candy time lapse

vid: Lavoisier and CoM from Einstein's Big Idea

superposition of waves 1

superposition of waves 2

doppler motercycle (start @0:46)

Sagan on Doppler (start @ 0:39)

Solubility of Ammonia demo vid

sagan on gravity

greene on gravity

cox on gravity

minute physics on gravity

minute physics on tides

AOW Week: Chem Free Cleaners

AOW Week: Time for the US to Go Metric

AOW Week: Meet the New Meet

AOW Week: Great Lakes in Worse Shape

AOW Week: Detecting a Single Proton




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